March 17, 2020

Prepare for the jobs of tomorrow with a new field guide for creators

By Linda Sellheim

Are you prepared for the jobs of the future? The Creator’s Field Guide to Emerging Careers in Interactive 3D will help you understand what it takes to build a workforce for an immersive world.

Interactive 3D skills are in huge demand

Interactive 3D started in the games industry, but this technology is now being used everywhere—from advertising to manufacturing, architecture, healthcare, film, and more. The ability to simulate and interact with the virtual world is helping us solve problems in the physical world that we couldn’t previously, fundamentally changing the way we work and communicate.

As more and more employers embrace this technology, the demand for real-time 3D skills is skyrocketing. Burning Glass reports that jobs that require real-time and interactive 3D skills are growing 601% faster than the job market overall. Real-time skills are real-world skills, and Unreal Engine is the fastest-growing real-time engine skillset to have on your resume.
New job roles and job titles are also appearing. For example, Hired’s 2020 Report on software engineering jobs found that AR/VR engineer is now the fastest growing software engineering role—growing 1400% faster than other engineer roles.

New roles such as experiential designer, simulation specialist and architectural visualization specialist are also emerging. Given how fast technology is changing, students and jobseekers may not even be aware of these opportunities and the skills that unlock them. 

Introducing the “Creator’s Field Guide to Careers in Interactive 3D”

The Creator’s Field Guide to Careers in Interactive 3D is a free roadmap for students and job seekers, aimed at helping them navigate the exciting world of interactive 3D careers and providing guidance on the specific skills and competencies these new roles require.

Download the Creator’s Field Guide to Careers in Interactive 3D
The guide was created through interviews with hiring managers, professionals in these roles, and Unreal Engine experts. We specifically focused this guide on the entry-level skills and competencies needed for eight new and emerging job roles.

This guide is designed to:
  1. Introduce students and job seekers to emerging careers in interactive 3D
  2. Arm job seekers and hiring managers with a roadmap for evaluating and communicating their skills
  3. Help educators identify which competencies to focus on when teaching Unreal Engine

The world of work is changing fast. Technology is not only reshaping the way people do their existing jobs, it’s opening up a whole world of new ones. These emerging careers are just a sample of what’s on the horizon as the demand for immersive content grows.

In the future, everyone will be a creator.

Get started building your career in interactive 3D

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