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Digital twins

For architecture, real estate, and the built environment

The world of urban planning and city maintenance is changing. The benefits of digital twins are becoming more and more apparent, as these analysis tools help increase efficiencies and inform decisions. Want to learn more about the role Unreal Engine can play, or to discuss your own implementation of digital twins? Contact us to start the conversation.

What are digital twins?

A digital twin is a 3D model of a physical entity like a building or city, but with live, continuous data updating its functions and processes in real time, providing a means for analyzing and optimizing a structure. When live data from the physical system is fed to the digital replica, it moves and functions just like the real thing, giving you instant visual feedback on your processes. The collected data can be used to calculate metrics like speed, trajectory, and energy usage, and to analyze and predict efficiencies.

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Why are digital twins relevant?

At our latest Build: Architecture event, we explored recent developments and customer stories around digital twins, including getting an inside look at what’s coming with UE5 and insights on how GIS technologies are bringing entire worlds to your fingertips.

Buildmedia’s Digital Twin of Wellington


HOK’s Centre Block Digital Twin


Vouse’s Digital Twin of Changi Airport

    Image powered by 51World

    Simulate for better performance

    Find out how 51World uses data from satellites, drones, and sensors to optimize and simulate one of the busiest metro stations in Changsha, China.

    Visualize your datasets

    Cundall and Chalmers University are visualizing the invisible with Unreal Engine, as they explore different possibilities for representing acoustic data in an interactive way.
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    Image courtesy of CAD CENTER CORPORATION

    Work with city size datasets

    See how CAD Center utilizes the power of Twinmotion and Unreal engine to deliver real-time, city-scale experiences of Osaka, Japan.

    Build your own digital twin with Unreal Engine!

    Check out the new free, open source Unreal Engine plugin from WSP that connects Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins platform with Unreal Engine. The download includes a sample project that showcases how the plugin works.

    Make it happen with Unreal Engine

    With Unreal Engine, you can create complex digital twins, and use them to visualize your assets, processes, and workflow like never before—in real time. Want to learn more, or to discuss your own implementation? Contact us to start the conversation, and download Unreal Engine for free to begin your journey today.