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Just a Matter of Time

Fortnite Creative
Social Studies
Let’s get visual! Breaking down historical events and understanding how history plays out can be complicated. By creating a timeline and laying out events as they happened, students will learn how to make understanding history a lot easier—and more fun too!


In this lesson, students will create a historical timeline for any event. Fortnite has amazing tools for building and creating that students will be able to use to make their timeline not only visually appealing but creative and fun. 

By using the whole space, students can create timelines with amazing depth and detail. Encourage them to take advantage of the physics in Fortnite to add a wow factor to their timelines. 

Students will be able to:

  • Explain in some detail a period of time or an event in world history.
  • Describe the key dates, places and times events occurred.
  • Use a digital medium (Fortnite) to create a detailed timeline of the event or period of time.


Social Studies

Grade level

Grades 9 - 12 (Ages 13+)

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  • Author:Mike Washburn
  • Release date:03-2020