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The Key to Unlocking the Final Area: Working with Conditional Statements in Unreal Engine

Computer Science and Engineering
Unreal Engine
Hour of Code
Lesson 4 | You’ve finally made it to the castle where you believe you will find the final treasure, but the door is locked! In this lesson, students will learn how to apply the understanding of conditional statements by adding a lock and key condition to a game.


You’ve jumped through several levels and risked everything—jumping high in the sky across treacherous, moving islands. You finally made it to the castle where you believe you will find the final treasure! You would love to just walk in, wouldn’t you? As you might expect, the door is locked and you don’t have the key! Find the key and unlock the door so you can reach the final goal.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to work with conditional statements. The condition is finding a key to open the door. Once inside, you can complete the game.
Good Luck!

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the conditional statements.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Boolean values.
  • Apply the understanding of conditional statements and Boolean values in the context of a game.
  • Create and modify a game level in a true game engine (Unreal Engine) that incorporates conditional statements.
  • Work with Boolean values to determine if a condition is met in a coding environment.


Computer Science & Engineering

Grade level

Grades 8-12 (Ages 13+)

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  • Course Length:1 hour 0 minutes
  • Author: Steve Isaacs, Brian Dickman, and Ian Southwell
  • Release date:12-2020