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Blueprints - Essential Concepts

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This video introduces the fundamentals of the Blueprint Visual Scripting system. Learn what Blueprints are, how to create and work with them, and about some of the different types available.


Wes Bunn introduces us to the essentials of the Blueprint visual scripting system. We'll dive into what Blueprints are and what you can expect when working with them, creating and working within Blueprints, and explore some of the different types of Blueprints available.

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate the Blueprint Editor user interface to build and customize Blueprints.
  • Utilize the different panels of the Blueprint Editor to create and modify components and variables.
  • Use nodes and variables to add scripting to a Blueprint graph.

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  • Course Length:1 hour 13 minutes
  • Author:Wes Bunn
  • Release date:08-2018