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Your First Hour in Unreal Engine 4

Film & Television
Virtual Production
This introductory course to Unreal Engine 4 and the Unreal Editor will take you through the basics of project creation, navigation, and finding your way around the UI, as well as touching on lighting and Blueprints.


This course will introduce you to Unreal Engine 4 and the editor used to work within it. We’ll begin by introducing you to the Launcher, which helps manage our projects and versions of the engine.

We will then create a new project using an included template. Using this new project, we will learn to navigate the Unreal Editor, explore the layout of the common windows used while working in the editor, and create a basic level to start. Afterward, we will learn the basics of how lighting works inside the engine, as well as introducing Blueprints, showing how they can help speed up development and add logic to our world.

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate the Epic Games Launcher and content browser.
  • Enhance a project created from a template by migrating in assets and creating basic levels.
  • Create an actor and implement functionality to create a lighting effect.


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  • Course Length:55 minutes
  • Author:Mathew Wadstein
  • Release date:05-2019