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Bridge by Quixel

Bridge is your gateway to a world of 3D content right inside Unreal Engine. This includes Megascans—the world's largest library of AAA, cinema-quality assets based on real-world scan data.



Bridge—made for Unreal Engine

Free, unlimited access to Megascans

Megascans assets are free for use with Unreal Engine. Sign in using your Epic Games account to get instant access to thousands of real-world scanned 3D assets and surfaces, with many more being uploaded every single day.

Work right inside Unreal Engine

The entire Megascans library is instantly accessible to artists right within Unreal Engine. Open the Bridge tab and simply drag and drop Megascans assets into your scene; assets are optimized and calibrated for real-time performance and great-looking results—every time.


Bridge for Unreal Engine now serves in a fully Nanite-ready tier. This means you can add photorealistic, film-quality Megascans assets directly into Unreal Engine without affecting performance. Nanite geometry is streamed and scaled in real time, meaning no more budgets for polygon count, polygon memory, or draw count—just jaw-dropping quality. 

Bridge for Unreal Engine

Bridge offers a seamless, in-engine content browser for all Unreal Engine users. Discover how Bridge makes digital world building faster and easier.


Bridge—your gateway to Megascans

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  • The world in your hands

    Megascans is a collection of thousands of scanned assets from diverse regions and biomes around the world. From Scandinavian coastlines, Icelandic tundras, lush Asian jungles, and American canyons to ancient Roman relics and Japanese temples—Megascans puts the world in the hands of artists.
  • Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

    Oscar-winning quality

    Today's leading teams in cinematic VFX and AAA game development use Megascans in their most ambitious productions. Notable award-winning projects to have featured Megascans content include Disney’s The Lion King (2019), Black Panther (2018), and The Jungle Book (2016).
  • Go beyond photorealism

    Megascans content is versatile and modular, enabling you to work in the exact style of your choosing. Morph this photoreal content into highly stylized worlds using the same library of assets. Whatever your approach or project requirements, Megascans content is the right choice.
  • The home of MetaHumans

    Through Bridge, you can access your bespoke MetaHumans created in MetaHuman Creator, as well as over 50 premade MetaHumans. With both UAssets and source assets available, you can use Bridge to download and export your digital humans for direct use in Unreal Engine or further editing in Maya.

Thanks to Megascans, we were able to visualize the game’s diverse locations and realize the frightening yet beautiful Village we set out to create.”

Junpei Mashiba

Lead Environment Artist at Capcom