Accelerating interactivity

Human-Machine Interface

Leverage Unreal Engine’s powerful real-time feature set to create best-in-class HMI, infotainment, and digital cockpit experiences. Download Unreal Engine today.



Design-driven development

Unreal Engine breaks free from traditional HMI workflows and enables designers to dynamically impact projects as they quickly iterate and incorporate functionality into their designs. Find out how the USA’s largest car manufacturer is building HMI systems in Unreal Engine today.

Creation, collaboration, and control

Quickly create and iterate with Blueprint visual scripting. Collaborate with complete version control support. Instantly preview designs on your desktop. Control your destiny with direct access to source code. These features and more enable designers, artists, and developers to work directly on the project that is deployed to the vehicle.

Increased efficiency

From car configurators and marketing assets to existing projects and pipelines, your content can be reused with little effort in HMI systems, providing more efficient use of company resources and consistent designs across the entire brand.

High-quality, customizable experiences

Unreal Engine is a comprehensive toolset for creating beautiful, interactive 3D visuals using our advanced scalable renderer. Bring your designs to life with Niagara VFX - our state-of-the-art particle system - and keep your users engaged with customizable experiences through downloadable content that instantly changes the look, feel, and functionality of your UI.

A complete solution

Our dedicated HMI team of technical artists and engineers is committed to supporting your needs and we are continually adding new features to benefit all manufacturers. And, with highly tested features used by millions of artists and designers, Unreal Engine opens up exciting possibilities for all creators. From prototyping and concepting to final production and beyond, Unreal Engine is with you the entire way.

The use of Unreal Engine in the GMC HUMMER EV will provide richer graphics than ever before, celebrating the vehicle and its customers.

Scott Martin

Creative Director of User Interface Design at GM

Free learning resources

New to Unreal Engine? Start learning right away by following our step-by-step Quick Start guides to install the engine, dive into Editor basics, learn Unreal Engine terminology, and begin your first real-time project. Then, browse well over a hundred hours of online video learning at your own pace. All for free!

Committed to HMI development

Unreal Engine currently supports a variety of hardware platforms including the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Platform, a product of Qualcomm Technologies. Siili Auto’s bespoke infotainment systems and Vectorform’s digital product and customer experience platforms are supporting Unreal Engine; support for the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS, a microkernel real-time operating system from BlackBerry QNX and Mapbox navigation are in development.

Unreal Engine just blew all of the other options out of the water, and it had the best graphics, it had the highest quality. It was an easy decision.

Eddy Reyes

Staff Software Engineer, In-Vehicle Experience, Rivian


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  • Blueprint visual scripting system

    With designer-friendly Blueprint visual scripting, you can rapidly prototype and ship interactive content without touching a line of code.
  • Niagara particles and visual effects

    Create film-quality levels of VFX polish in real time for effects such as fire, smoke, dust, and water with completely customizable particle systems in the built-in Niagara visual effects editor.
  • Downloadable Content

    Downloadable content instantly changes the look, feel and functionality of your UI, giving your users the freedom to customize their experience.
  • Full access to C++ source code

    With free access to the complete C++ source code, you can study, customize, extend, and debug the entire Unreal Engine, and complete your project without obstruction.