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Mixed reality, car configurators, AAA games—everywhere you look, real-time skills are in demand. Make the most of it with Unreal Engine. So when opportunity knocks, you’ll be ready.



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Our student showcases are a wellspring of inspiration. See what has been drawing raves and building careers across the games, film & TV, automotive, architecture, and training & simulation industries. 

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Check out some of the best student work of 2022

Our Unreal Student Showcase highlights some of the most amazing projects being created around the globe. Ready to start creating with the Unreal Engine ecosystem? Check out our Real-Time Explainers!

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Image courtesy of Ember Labs


From indie hits to major franchises, Unreal Engine has been powering legendary games for over 20 years. See what industry-leading graphics, full source code access, and visual scripting can do for you.
Image courtesy of SJB Architects 


Join the real-time revolution, as digital twins and immersive experiences continue to shape how cities are built.
Image courtesy of MELS Studios

Film & TV

Get up to speed on the same tools being used by ILM, Digital Domain, and Weta Digital to deliver world-class visual effects and virtual productions. 
Image courtesy of The Mill

Automotive and transportation

Rethink how we engage with cars from design to the driver’s seat. 

Creator's Field Guide

Prepare for the jobs of tomorrow with our new field guide

The Creator’s Field Guide to Careers in Interactive 3D is a free roadmap for students and job seekers, aimed at helping you navigate the exciting world of interactive 3D careers and providing guidance on the specific skills and competencies these new roles require.


Unreal Learning Kit

Unreal Learning Kits give you all the pieces you need to build your own project. Start working on characters, environments, and more as you learn about game design.

Join in

Find support and inspiration in a growing community of developers/creators committed to helping others succeed.

Online learning

In this course, Paul Kind will walk you through your first hour using Unreal Engine and teach you how to build your first interactive experience. We'll work our way through the basics of the user interface and the essential features of the engine, and by the end of this course, you will be able to create your own projects with more confidence.


World Building Kickstart

1 hour 13 minutes
In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start creating worlds in Unreal Engine.

Free content and assets


Level Design Assistant

Speed up your level designs with free workflow tools aimed at grids, notes, alignment, and more.
Corentin Guillaume | Free


Medieval Game Environment

Use Quixel Megascans assets to create a short walking experience, set in an eerie (but beautiful) medieval environment.
Quixel Megascans | Free


Stylized Character Kit

Three fully rigged male characters make it easy to start working on a game right away. Each comes with several different hairstyles, expressions, and accessories for easy customization.

Unreal Online Learning

What’s harder than getting started? Not knowing where to start. With Unreal Online Learning, we take the guesswork out of the equation. Start simply or expand on existing skills. We have a course and learning path for every stage of your journey. 

Educational use

Epic Games enthusiastically supports educational use of Unreal Engine! For detailed information about the opportunities, see our Academic Use page. If you're ready to teach Unreal, please visit our Academic Partners page.
Besides all of the free, friendly, and accessible terms for general use of Unreal Engine, academic institutions are authorized to install Unreal Engine on any of their computers (e.g. in computer labs), and all users of those computers can access the engine.
Students who choose to ship their class projects as commercial games or other interactive off-the-shelf products are under the same EULA terms as other Unreal Engine developers. Successful games that make more than $1,000,000 USD in lifetime gross revenues are obligated to pay a 5% royalty to Epic Games.
Because UE4 includes full C++ source, students have 100% visibility into the workings of one of the world’s leading-edge software projects. Students can learn from the design of Unreal Engine, and carry out their research in areas such as graphics, simulation, physics, and computer vision by extending the engine, while leveraging all of its existing capabilities. This is an amazing way to build real-world experience and a strong resume!
Yes. We'd love to hear about any contributions you'd like to make. Please utilize our resources and share information with the community. You can kick off discussions about this on the forums, chat with us on Twitter, and attend our weekly Twitch stream.