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Interactive 3D is sweeping through the professional world at a breakneck pace. By integrating Unreal Engine in your curriculum, you can prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow. And you can do it for free.

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Learn real time the right way with resources that lay it out in the most accessible way possible.

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What is interactive 3D?
Creator's Field Guide 

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Learning is one thing, implementing is another. Here’s some resources that will make integrating Unreal Engine a much easier process.

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Lesson plans
Sample projects
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Instructor Guides
Unreal Futures


Educators are an active part of the Unreal Engine community. Jump in today to start exploring real time with people that know where you’re coming from.

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How to teach virtual production

Wondering how to design a virtual production curriculum that works? Experts from Digital Domain, Framestore, SCAD, SIRT, and more are here to help!

Teacher Training

Teacher training

Professional development for educators

See the value in interactive 3D, but don’t know where to start? Try our Unreal Educator Accelerator! It’s a professional development program that teaches you how to effectively incorporate it into your coursework.

Get inspired! Students are creating amazing things.

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See what students around the world are creating with Unreal Engine. With interactive 3D influencing everything from game development and architecture to films and automotive, you never know what you’ll find.


Teach with Unreal Engine

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  • Let’s Train Virtual Robots

    Teach your students how to code and train virtual robots for sumo battles, autonomous decisions, and more. Not only is it fun, it teaches students the same engineering and physics concepts behind professional robotic designs.
  • Unreal Futures: Careers in 3D

    Unreal Futures helps students stand out in their (emerging) industry of choice, via expert advice and a real-time project that shows them how their future bosses want it done.
  • Teach how to code in Unreal Engine

    Help students learn one of the most powerful skills in the world. We’ve got a free lesson plan, project files, and student/teachers guides to help you get started.
  • Fortnite Creative in the classroom

    Fortnite isn’t just a game, it’s a massive sandbox that gives teachers a new way to explore geography, history, and more. Try our teacher-created lesson plans today!
The best part about teaching Unreal Engine? All the free resources! We have so many courses and teacher lesson plans to help get you started. 

Guides and white papers

Visualizing the Future: Demand for 3D Graphics and Real-time Skills Across the World

Did you know that jobs requiring real-time 3D skills are growing 601 percent faster than the job market overall, and pay 57 percent above the average advertised salary? Find out more in Burning Glass Technologies’ report. 

The Creator’s Field Guide to Emerging Careers in Interactive 3D

Download a free roadmap for students and job seekers, aimed at helping them navigate the exciting world of interactive 3D careers.

Instructor course planning

Unreal Foundations

This 16-week plan outlines a multidisciplinary course aimed at teaching Unreal Engine in person, online, or via blended classes. Students can then apply that knowledge to multiple fields including architecture, simulation, extended reality, and of course, games!

Introduction to Virtual Production

Survey the essentials of virtual production (VP) with this 16-week course plan. It’s perfect for everyone from traditional film students with no engine experience to your average storyteller looking to add VP to their toolkit.

Become an Unreal Academic Partner

Get advanced access to education resources and events. Get your facility seen as a real-time training ground for potential students. Let’s work together.


Epic Games enthusiastically supports educational use of Unreal Engine! For a detailed overview of how to install the Launcher and Unreal Engine in academic environments, see our academic installation page . If you've already integrated Unreal Engine into your classes and labs, please visit our Academic Partners page to become a partner today.
Besides all of the free, friendly, and accessible terms for general use of Unreal Engine, academic institutions are authorized to install Unreal Engine on any of their computers (e.g. in computer labs), and all users of those computers can access the engine.
Students who choose to ship their class projects as commercial games or other interactive off-the-shelf products are under the same EULA terms as other Unreal Engine developers. Successful games that make more than $1,000,000 USD in lifetime gross revenues are obligated to pay a 5% royalty to Epic Games.
Because Unreal Engine includes full C++ source, students have 100% visibility into the workings of one of the world’s leading-edge software projects. Students can learn from the design of Unreal Engine, and carry out their research in areas such as graphics, simulation, physics, and computer vision by extending the engine, while leveraging all of its existing capabilities. This is an amazing way to build real-world experience and a strong resume!
Yes. We'd love to hear about any contributions you'd like to make. Please utilize our resources and share information with the community. You can kick off discussions about this on the forums, chat with us on Twitter, and attend our weekly Twitch stream.